Technology / Seaweed principle

The seaweed principle

If minimal pre-treatment is required, nature provides the best example. Membranes fixed only at their bottom side simply remain efficient much longer than other solutions.

For even the smallest component in membrane modules the process and boundary conditions are important.

The Membion “single-header” design makes the filters resistant to hairs and fibrous compounds in the sludge, thus simplifying the pre-treatment of the wastewater.

Membion – hollow fibre membrane

  • Thin tubes

  • Look like spaghetti

  • Are hollow like macaroni

  • With porous wall made of plastics

  • Extremely robust and strong

  • Internal fabric tube support structure

  • Continuous spongy structure

  • PVDF membrane material

  • Pore size ~ 50 nm

These membrane tubes are fixed like real seaweed only on their bottom side (single-header design), while they are individually sealed at the top …

Nature as a model

Our hollow fibre membranes are buoyant and float freely at the top like seaweed in the sludge to be filtered

Functionality of the membranes

  • The hollow fibre membranes are immersed in the sludge of the biological stage.
  • With the help of a vacuum, crystal clear water (permeate) is sucked out of the sludge from the outside to the inside through the wall of the membrane tubes and is drawn downwards into a foot element in which the membranes are fixed.
  • All solids and particulates are retained on the outside of the membrane tubes due to the tiny pores in the membrane wall.
  • To prevent the retained substances from concentrating in the membrane bundle air is introduced from below for flushing purposes, which induces an upward flow in the bundle. In the process, hair and fibrous compounds are also freely stripped away, upwards from the membrane tubes due to the seaweed principle.
  • Due to the seaweed principle, the modules are resistant to clogging.
  • This reduces the necessary pre-treatment of the wastewater to a minimum and makes the use of ultra-fine screens unnecessary.