Environmental protection and

economic efficiency

- hand in hand

Based on the experiences of a previous successful MBR product development

we asked ourselves the question:

“What would an MBR module have to look like if we were to start all over again?”

– The answer is: “Membion

... our vision becomes reality

Wastewater treatment with Membion membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology is an improvement compared to conventional technology as follows:

  • significantly better water quality

  • halving of the footprint

  • at the same or even lower life cycle costs

Membion’s goal is to increase the implementation of MBR technology by making it energy efficient and economically attractive for more and more plants …   

Our philosophy:



  • Drive innovation and economic efficiency of MBR technology at all levels.
  • Learning from nature: it often provides effective solutions to technical challenges.
  • Motivating employees through interesting challenges and freedom of action.
  • Contribution to environmental protection – sustainability, climate protection and improvement of global water resources.


  • Company founded in 2012 by Dr. Klaus Vossenkaul
  • One year later Dirk Volmering joined as partner
  • Concept phase: parallel development of the concepts for a sustainable MBR product as well as an associated automated production technology – including patent applications.
  • First successful functional test of a prototype on a municipal MBR wastewater treatment plant shows high energy-saving potential (2016 – DBU funded).
  • Implementation phase of the serial product: At the beginning of 2017, external capital was raised to build up a team and realise a commercial product as well as to set up a first automated production line.
  • Further development of the product with JetSplash® technology and achievement of a quantum leap in the economic efficiency of MBR plants.
  • Now, the technical goals have been achieved, the product and production are ready for the next phase: scaling up production and internationalizing sales.

Our contact persons:

Dr. Klaus Vossenkaul


Dipl.-Ing. Dirk Volmering

Head of R&D

Dr. Johannes Lindemann

Sales Director

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