The JetSplash® technology developed by Membion reduces the energy required for module aeration by up to 90 %. It is so effective that a “permeate backwash”, which is common for many MBR modules, can be dispensed with.

Quantum leap in energy efficiency


air bubble flushing

In MBR membrane filters, the sludge particles retained by the membranes are usually flushed out of the filter by introducing air bubbles (air bubble flushing).

For this purpose, conventional membrane filters require a large volume of air and therefore have a high energy demand.

The flushing effect is based on the shear force of the 2-phase flow of air and liquid.

In order to improve the cleaning effect of air bubble flushing, the membrane filters are often additionally backwashed at intervals with water that has already been filtered (permeate backwashing), which increases the membrane area requirement.


JetSplash® technology

Membion has developed a very effective and energy-saving aeration technique for the membrane filters with a novel JetSplash® effect. This requires a significantly lower volume of air.

To achieve the JetSplash® technology effect, a geyser element is installed below each membrane element, into which air flows continuously.

The air leaves the geyser element in regular pulses and is injected directly into the membrane element installed above it and accelerates all the liquid in the membrane element.

This flushes the sludge particles out of the membrane element much more effectively.

of the Jetsplash® technology

  • The continuously introduced air is collected in the geyser element until this is filled.

  • Then the collected air suddenly empties into the membrane element installed above the geyser element.

  • Since the air cannot escape sideways, it accelerates the liquid upwards in the membrane element at high speed.

  • Due to large and open flow channels, the geyser elements are not prone to blockages.

Technical features
of the JetSplash® technology

  • The Membion JetSplash® technology has the advantage that it produces very constant air pulses. The air pulses start and stop very precisely – this is an important difference to alternative geyser or large bubble generator systems.
  • This means that the constantly supplied air can be adjusted precisely to the filtration performance requirement.
  • This results in minimal energy consumption under all conditions even when throughput is low.
  • Design and function of the Membion geyser elements are patented.

Economic advantages
of JetSplash® technology

  • The Membion Jetsplash® technology leads to a reduction of the energy requirement for module flushing by up to 90 %.
  • This also makes the blowers much smaller and significantly reduces the amount of piping required.
  • This leads to reduced building space for the installation of machine technology in new plant construction.
  • The JetSplash® technology is so effective that permeate backwashing can be dispensed with.
  • This reduces the membrane area to be installed and further reduces the costs for the machine technology.