Membion modules are suitable for all municipal and industrial MBR applications. They are constructed from two basic building blocks: membrane and geyser elements (Built2fit). This means they are flexible in size and can be designed to be compatible with conventional MBR modules. 

Built2fit -
a technical feature

The Membion membrane elements are flexibly assembled next to each other or on top of each other in a modular array to form different module systems. This makes both single-decker and multiple-decker module configurations possible – compatible with conventional hollow-fibre or plate modules.

The geyser element

The heart of the Membion JetSplash® technology is the geyser element for pulsed air flushing of the membrane elements (BundleTubes) installed above it.

In the geyser element, air is continuously collected in an air reservoir which, as soon as it is completely filled with air, abruptly empties into the BundleTube of the membrane element installed above and effectively flushes the membranes. 

The membrane element

The hollow fibre membranes are fixed in bundles only at their bottom side in a foot element and float freely at their top side in the sludge to be filtered (seaweed principle).

On the outside, the membrane bundles are surrounded by a rectangular tube (BundleTube), which is connected directly without a gap to the top side of the foot element.

Each rectangular tube has a top-bracket for fastening to a stainless steel frame. BundleTube with foot element and top-bracket togethere form a membrane element.

The membrane elements usually have standard sizes, but can be adapted in length by customer request, e.g. for container installation.

The geyser elements are mounted closely under the membrane elements so that the air pulses are directly let into the membrane elements and cannot escape sideways. Therefore, the air pulses are fully used for flushing of the membranes.

Tool-free assembly due to
click mechanism

The basic modules (geyser and membrane elements) are mounted in a stainless steel module frame using a patented click mechanism. No tools are required for the assembly.

  • The membrane elements are hooked into the stainless steel frame with their top-brackets.
  • The membrane elements are then docked onto a permeate collection channel via the click mechanism.
  • The geyser elements are also mounted by means of a click mechanism below the membrane elements.